handy services

For who:

Whether you are based in Utrecht, Uganda or Utah; working in poverty reduction, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, wildlife protection, micro finance or any other not-for profit organization; if you need (virtual) assistance for just a few hours or for several months or even years, ngo office support can help!


Of course, you can simply contract me by the hour. This is how it usually works; I charge the actually worked hours up to the maximum we have agreed on.

And to offer you the best deal I have also created several packages for you to choose from.

The Occasional Help Deal

This is a ten-hour-ticket.  You can make use of my skills and talents for ten hours on an irregular basis, for tasks that I can perform from my home-office. Translating a document, doing some desk research,  editing or updating a website, etc. The ten-hour-ticket is valid for one year and costs € 500,-.

The From Chaos to Order deal

Is your office a mess? Still haven’t unpacked the boxes, filed the numerous papers lying around or bought that stapler?  Don’t know where you stand regarding your financial situation, simply because all your invoices are still in a pile in your in-tray?

For a one-time investment I will not only clean up the mess, but put a structure into place that makes it possible for you to keep on top of things. The price for this package will be determined after I have assessed your situation.

The Monthly Administration Deal

With this deal I can be the missing link between you and your accountant. If you are used to just dumping your receipts and bank statements on your accountants desk, you may be paying way more than necessary. With the help of a simple excel file I can keep track of your incomes and expenditures for you, while at the same time making it easier for your accountant. Depending on the amount of invoices you receive on a monthly basis this package starts at € 100.- per month. The work can be done virtually or from your office, depending on your wishes.

And now what?

If you think I can be of help, simply send an e-mail to danielle@ngoofficesupport.com I will then contact you, either to schedule a phone call, or plan a meeting (obviously not if you are in Uganda…) During this call or meeting you can tell me where you need help, after which I will send you a proposal, if you so wish.

To conclude

ngo office support can help you support your mission by taking over any or all of the tasks that distract you from doing what you should be doing, including:

Administrative tasks

  • Setting up a basic financial administration and/or keeping track of your finances
  • Any secretarial / PA related tasks
  • Coordinating projects
  • Coordination of (grant) applications
  • Sending out mailings

HR related tasks

  • Recruitment of staff
  • General HR tasks (vacation registration, contracts, benefits, etc.)

Organising stuff

  • Organising seminars, workshops, meetings, trainings, events
  • Making travel and hotel arrangements anywhere in the world
  • Visa applications
  • Setting up of your (new) office
  • Coordinate the move to a (new) office
  • Accompanying foreign guests from the airport to your office or elsewhere
  • Facility management

Writing and editing

  • Website content management
  • Writing, editing and translating (Dutch – English or vice versa) newsletters or reports to (major) donors or interest groups
  • Making PowerPoint presentations
  • Building a simple website in WordPress

And anything else that you need extra hands for.

Simply contact me to find out how ngo office support can help you!