Danielle KlingeI am Danielle Klinge, founder of ngo office support, and I am passionate about using my skills and talents to help ngo’s and other small organisations do what they do best.

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Ancient History

After I finished high school (HAVO) in Apeldoorn, I spent a year as an exchange student in Ohio (USA). Back in Holland I became a trained professional in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry and put my new-learned skills to practice in the UK, where I worked in a luxury hotel for about a year. During that year, a friend and I decided to travel around the world.

Two more years of preparation followed, whilst working for the international reservations office of the Dutch Railways (NS) in Utrecht.

The trip around the world took me to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, New Zealand and Australia.

I loved all those countries and the adventures I had. But the place that truly stole my heart was Guatemala. Not only the countryside, with its volcanoes, lakes, and especially the highlands were magical. But what makes Guatemala extra special are the Mayan people.

Even without knowing much about their history or their culture, the indigenous people of Guatemala had this magical effect on me; with those colourful clothes, shy faces and adorable kids they made an unforgettable impression on me.

The more I learned about their history, their struggle, the discrimination they have to deal with, but also the dignity with which they face  all their problems made me feel very humble and impressed.

My travels continued, but Guatemala has always remained special for me. Which is why I chose a few of the basic colours of the traditional “traje” for my logo. Complemented with yellow, the colour of maize (corn), the almost holy crop and staple diet.

And the Mayans inspired me in many more ways.

Sustainability is (rightfully so) a big hype these last decades. But did you know that the Mayans have always lived in a sustainable way?

They believe that we may borrow the earth while we live on it, but we will never own it. And I can only agree with that.

Australia is where I stayed for a while, and completed a Business Administration study, in the meantime working in several hotels, as well as in the travel industry and writing for a Dutch newspaper.

In Sydney, I also joined the local Committee for Human Rights for Guatemala.

More recent history

Back in Holland I held different positions in different companies. In 2001 I landed my dream job, working for WWF International, initially as management assistant at the WWF College for Conservation Leadership, later as communications coordinator and student coordinator. The highlight of my WWF career was organizing international workshops for the WWF College for Conservation Leadership Programme, in Costa Rica, Austria, Italy, Malaysia and a few other countries.

After 7 years at WWF I made the move to the corporate world once again, working as an office manager for a small consultancy firm, where I performed all sorts of office management tasks.

As much fun as I had in that job; I felt it was time to follow my heart and try to contribute to making this world a better place.

On 14 February 2011 I started ngo office support, extra hands to support your mission

Since then I have helped several organisations, including Do-inc, Het Leiderschapshuis, People 4 Earth, QuestionMark, WWF and CIEE.


My qualities

My approach is unique; I combine my practical problem solving skills with a talent for organizing; my communication skills with office management experience. And my easy communication with a passion for making the world a better place.

Head, hands and heart.