Do you need extra hands to get the work done?

Are you running an ngo, managing a foundation or leading a not-for-profit organisation? Or operating a start-up in sustainability?

Are you struggling to keep up with all the work?

Would you rather focus on the important issues instead of wasting your time keeping track of invoices?

Do you keep on wondering where you’ll ever find the time to write that quarterly newsletter to your donors, when you are too busy with so many other things?

Have you ever wondered if there isn’t anybody out there who can help?

Well, there is!

Ngo office support is ready and keen to help! Whether you need someone to do your financial administration, or a person to take over your recruitment activities, or simply some extra hands to get that mailing out, ngo office support can offer you those extra hands. Besides office management, ngo office support can also be the temporary replacement for your assistant, Personal Assistant or secretary.

Go to the handy services page to find out what ngo office support can do for you!

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